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Volkswagen Car-Net®: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Next Generation Capability

Visit South Motors Volkswagen in Miami and let us introduce you to the next generation Volkswagen Car-Net®—now with five years of Remote Access at no-charge available on most Volkswagen vehicles. Feel free to take a test drive and see what a connected car can do for you.

All you need to get started with VW Car-Net is a Volkswagen user account and a smart device like your iPhone, Android phone, or computer. Once you set up your account, you can connect your device to your Volkswagen via the We-Connect VW app and start enjoying all the benefits.

What Can VW Car-Net® Do For You?

VW Car-Net has your back with services including remote vehicle access, navigation, safe and secure, family guardian, comfort features, diagnostics and maintenance, and Wi-Fi hotspot.

Remote access puts convenience and safety in the palm of your hand by allowing you to start your vehicle and choose settings like interior temperature, lock or unlock the doors, or honk the horn and flash the lights. You can also view your last parked location with Parkopedia Services or access status information such as fuel level and mileage.

Keep track of your Volkswagen's status through Vehicle Health Reports from the Diagnostics & Maintenance feature. If you get an alert that something needs attention, or you need a service like an oil change, you can easily schedule an appointment right through the app.

Guardian Services are perfect for parents with teen drivers, allowing you to keep tabs on them the minute they leave the house. Monitor them with Boundary Alerts, Curfew Alerts, Speed Alerts, and Valet Alerts, getting notices via email or text message when your preset limits have been exceeded.

VW Car-Net® for Enhanced Safety and Security

When you add a VW Car-Net Safe & Secure subscription, you can easily get assistance when you're out on the road. It's like having a fleet of emergency services at the ready. If you or someone in your vehicle needs help, you simply press the SOS button and a VW Car-NetA® Safe & Secure Emergency Specialist will send help to your location.

You can also call the VW Car-Net Response Center at any time for non-emergency information or road assistance. In the unfortunate event that an airbag goes off, the Response Center will automatically respond, contacting you to see if you need help.

Safe & Secure also sends you Anti-Theft Alerts when you're away from your vehicle and the Intrusion Detection Alert has been activated. And, if your car is ever lost or stolen, the Response Center will work with the authorities to remotely access its location.

Make Better Connections with Wi-Fi Hotspot

With Car-Net's Wi-Fi Hotspot, available with a monthly Verizon data plan, you and your passengers can enjoy your favorite internet content at 4G LTE speed. Wi-Fi Hotspot lets you take full advantage of the latest Volkswagen tech in navigation and infotainment. And, you're able to use the Wi-Fi hotspot whether you're at home or on the road.

Navigation has never been easier than with the Wi-Fi Hotspot. You can find out traffic information ahead of time and plan or adapt your route in advance. The We-Connect app can also share directions with the in-vehicle navigation system and display them on your touchscreen. You'll always be prepared while on the road with real-time information that allows you to find available parking spots, gas stations, or charging stations or look up current information about your destinations like opening hours, capacities, and other important details.

With the Wi-Fi Hotspot, you and your passengers will never be out of touch with what matters to you. Enjoy the freedom to:

  • Send and receive emails
  • Download files
  • Browse the web
  • Watch videos
  • Read and download ebooks
  • Listen to internet radio or podcasts
  • Play online games and more

The Volkswagen Way to Keep You Covered

Come in today and let the friendly staff at South Motors Volkswagen give you an overview of the exciting VW Car-Net services, and the Safe & Secure and Wi-Fi Hotspot packages available on most 2020 model year Volkswagen vehicles. We're sure that you'll be as impressed as we are with what VW Car-Net can do for you.