A person holding a smartphone in a Volkswagen

What is Volkswagen App-Connect?

High-Tech Smartphone Integration

When you drive a new Volkswagen, you get the benefit of using App-Connect to access your smartphone and its apps. With new vehicle technology, you can control several apps from the convenience of your Volkswagen’s infotainment system.

We invite you to South Motors Volkswagen, your local South Florida Volkswagen Dealer, so our sales staff can show you how the VW App-Connect system works.

How Does It Works

App-Connect accesses your smartphone’s apps so you can access music, news, navigation, and audiobooks from the convenience of the infotainment screen. You connect your phone using one of three connecting interfaces. Once you connect your phone through the Android Auto, Apple Carplay, or Mirror Link, your smartphone apps appear on the infotainment system so you don’t have to take your eyes off of the road to get to the necessary apps, like your navigation or streaming apps.

App-Connect Options and Getting the Apps

App-Connect has three connectivity options: Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Mirror Link. You load your phone apps through the corresponding app, and selected apps appear on your car display. You can use your favorite navigation app - like the robust Google Maps with turn-by-turn directions, listen to music with your favorite audio apps, and access your Google Assistant. With the push of a button, you can access your smartphone apps safely and efficiently.

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto & Mirror Link

Getting your smartphone apps into App-Connect involves loading the Android Auto app, while iPhone users load the Apple CarPlay app. Other smartphone users can access App-Connect through Mirror Link. You run Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, and your user-friend apps connect directly to your Volkswagen. Then, you can listen to your favorite digital radio station app, audiobook, or podcast on your commute.

Volkswagen of America loads the App-Connect system into its popular vehicles, like the Golf GTI and Jetta. Keep in mind that your Volkswagen will not allow you to use all of the apps while you’re driving. Volkswagen’s goal is to keep you safe while on the road.

Experience This Technology In Action

To see how to use App-Connect for Android or for the latest iOS 13, our expert sales staff can show you all of the features of your favorite Volkswagen’s digital display. We are proud to showcase all that App-Connect can do, whether it’s supporting CarPlay or Android Auto. This feature keeps drivers safe, as they no longer need to look at their phones to enjoy their turn-by-turn navigation or change songs on their favorite music app.

We invite you to take your favorite VW for a test drive so you can see how App-Connect works while you’re on the road. Our South Volkswagen sales staff can help you load your smartphone details to get a realistic experience on your test drive.