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Where to Get Your Volkswagen's Wheel Alignment in Miami?

South Volkswagen Service Center

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Our Pothole Special includes a 4-wheel alignment, tire rotation, suspension check, brake inspection, and FREE multi-point inspection.

*Volkswagen vehicles only. Price plus applicable taxes and fees. Coupon must be presented at time of purchase. Not valid on prior purchases. Cannot be combined with other offers. No cash value. Valid only at South Motors Volkswagen. See advisor for details. Offer expires 6/30/2023.

Smooth out Your Drives with a Wheel Alignment in Miami

Looking for Volkswagen wheel alignment service in the Miami area? Stop by South Motors Volkswagen, where factory-trained technicians who understand Volkswagen vehicles (from the new model year to classic models from 20 years ago) work on your cruiser with modern tools and knowledge to get the job done. Plus, when you stop by, we always put customer service first, whether it's answering your questions, addressing concerns, or giving our advice on what we recommend for maintenance. So, straighten out your drives by scheduling a wheel alignment service at South Motors Volkswagen in Miami today.

What is a Wheel Alignment?

In short, a wheel alignment is when our experts adjust your wheel angles so that it drives the way Volkswagen intended at the factory. The end-result involves driving your car in the direction you point the steering wheel (without a pulling feeling to one side of the road). Don't worry, our mechanics have the tools and knowledge needed to get the job done right on the first try—they know the exact angle to position your tires to restore your drive after your wheels lose alignment (which usually happens from smacking something in the road—like a curb) to help you enjoy a smooth drive.

Is It Time for a Wheel Alignment? Look for These Three Signs

The most obvious sign of improper alignment involves a jerking feeling when you try to drive straight—specifically to the left or right. You'll also notice you need to turn your steering wheel to cruise in a straight line since your wheels aren't angled as intended. Not to worry though, a wheel alignment fixes this issue instantly in most cases.

Next, check your tires—do you notice the tread balding at a faster rate than normal? While this issue can result from a variety of driving habits, improper wheel alignment is a common culprit since your tires need more force to propel you forward. In most cases, you'll notice the wear more heavily on one side, which is usually the side where the alignment suffers most.

Lastly, listen closely during your drives—if you hear an obnoxious squealing noise, it's often the sound of your tires and wheels rubbing against other parts of your car from sitting at an awkward angle. Along with annoying sounds, you'll sometimes feel you need to turn the wheel harder than usual, which almost always pinpoints to an alignment issue (meaning you'll want to schedule service immediately).

Why Should You Schedule a Wheel Alignment?

Feels smoother and more comfortable since there's no more jerking or drifting that feels like you're on a gravel road—instead, it's a seamless trip forward the entire drive.

You'll also feel more safety with a wheel alignment since you won't need to worry as much about accidentally oversteering off a road or under-steering at an intersection and tapping a street medium. Also, your tires lose tread at a slower rate, which not only means you'll need fewer replacements but also helps you grip to the road for enhanced traction and control—which especially helps on rainy days when surfaces get slick or when you need to travel across a loose grade like dirt.

How Do Your Wheels Lose Alignment?

The main culprit of poor wheel alignment involves a massive impact on the road with your car (think hitting a pothole, curb, tire, or even cruising over raised railroad tracks too quickly). Keep in mind impacts can also happen from faulty suspension since your dampers can't absorb heavy hits on bumpy paths as well, which causes your tires' angles to shift. Lastly, if you DIY an aftermarket fix, lifting your car improperly can also cause your wheels to shift, resulting in the need for a wheel alignment service.

When Should You Schedule a Wheel Alignment?

This answer all depends on your driving habits—but as a rule of thumb, every 2-3 years is safe for most drivers since, over time, your wheels can slowly fall out of alignment with all the faults in the road you'll find. However, there's no such thing as “too many wheel alignments,” so when in doubt, have our techs perform this service with your other auto repairs and maintenance.

Why Choose South Motors Volkswagen

When you need a wheel alignment service (or any auto repair for that matter) for your ride, stop by South Motors Volkswagen near Cutler Bay today to stop those annoying squeals and restore the comfort in your drive. Even if you don't drive a Volkswagen, our team is still happy to assist in any way possible. Best of all, you can schedule your service online today from your couch, office, or anywhere for full convenience.

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