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What to Do If Your Volkswagen Check Engine Light Comes On?

South Volkswagen Service Center

Check Engine Light On? Let South Motors Volkswagen Help

It’s that moment every driver dreads—you’re driving down the road, when suddenly that light/notification turns on, letting you know to check your engine. Even worse, this notification can power on for hundreds (if not thousands) of reasons, making a self-diagnosis tricky. Thankfully, at South Motors Volkswagen, we hire factory-trained experts who know your Volkswagen inside and out (and have fixed virtually every check engine light symptom imaginable), and are ready to service your ride. Plus, customer service always comes first when you visit us—just let us know how we can help you, and we’ll assist in any way possible. Get started on fixing your drives today by scheduling your Volkswagen check engine light service at South Motors Volkswagen, conveniently located in Miami.

What Does the Check Engine Light Mean?

In super-basic terms, the check engine light lets you know that something is wrong with your car. As far as what that something is ranges—it could be as basic as a loose gas cap or as severe as your engine misfiring. In some vehicles, your light even lets you know how serious the issue is by either illuminating for simple problems or flashing when the error is ultra-critical and requires urgent attention. Either way, schedule your check engine light service at South Motors Volkswagen near Cutler Bay today, and our technicians will work their hardest to pinpoint the issue by inspecting your car (remember, these experts are professionals who are familiar with nearly all check engine light issues).

From Basic to Urgent: Why is Your Check Engine Light On?

This question is tough to answer without seeing your car first since there are literally thousands of reasons for your check engine light to turn on. In fact, here’s a quick look at some of the most common causes we work with:

  • Failed catalytic converter
  • Dead battery
  • Faulty plug wires
  • Exhaust gas recirculation valve errors
  • Leaks in places like your vacuum
  • Improperly installed aftermarket parts
  • Ignition coil faults
  • Alternator issues
  • Sensor problems (mass air flow, oxygen, etc.)
  • Spark plug and wiring problems
  • Evaporator system issues
  • Loose gas cap
  • Much more

As you can see above, check engine light issues can involve almost anything imaginable—but not to worry, as our technicians are skilled at diagnosing problems and restoring your Volkswagen to its smooth and exhilarating rides. Our pros also know the check for check engine light codes with an OBD scanner, and if that fails, they’re familiar with searching for funky noises and awkward riding patterns to scope in on issues with ease.

Can You Drive with Your Check Engine Light On?

Sometimes yes; sometimes no—but you can answer this question by asking yourself: Do you really want to risk the slippery slope of repairs that comes from ignoring a critical issue like a faulty alternator? Not to mention, misfiring in your engine can damage your converters beyond repair—so we recommend getting your check engine light checked immediately, even if you think the issue is as basic as a damaged gas cap. If you have questions, our service center is here to help—give us a call at (844) 443-8323, and we’ll check with our technicians for their advice. Otherwise, schedule service from your smartphone, and we’ll take a look at your vehicle.

Timing Is Everything: Turning Off the Check Engine Light

Usually, your check engine light will power off after you fix the issue. However, don’t worry if the light is still on when you start your ignition—typically, you’ll need to drive 20-40 miles for your light to turn off. However, if the light remains on after a few miles, you’ll want to get your car re-diagnosed to ensure the potential problem is nothing serious.

South Motors Volkswagen is Here to Fix Your Check Engine Light

Don’t delay your check engine light the instant it illuminates—instead, schedule service at South Motors Volkswagen near Kendall, and let our certified experts find your vehicle’s problem before something minor spirals into a variety of issues. We’re also here to cover all your needs—let us know how we can assist you with vehicle maintenance and repairs (even if you don’t drive a Volkswagen), and we’ll be happy to help in any way possible.

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