Volkswagen ID.4 parked on sand

Get to Know the VW ID.4 SUV Better With These 10 Smart Features

10 Ways to Enjoy your SUV

The award-winning Volkswagen ID.4 SUV has been giving drivers many reasons to enjoy the road. Recently, Volkswagen released 10 smart features of the Winner of the 2021 World Car of the Year so you can have maximum enjoyment, comfort, and confidence when you travel.

Let’s review the 10 smart features VW released so you can enjoy your VW ID.4 model better anytime and anywhere you take it for a ride:

1. Mood Lighting

If ambient lighting strikes your fancy, you’ll love the ID.4’s pre-set lighting options to help you set the mood when you’re driving. Whether you’re traveling for a romantic night out or tackling the day with your vibrant spirit, you’re all set. Just use your slider bar on your infotainment system to adjust the lights.

2. Exceptional Navigation

Navigating with precision is a skill you want to have when you’re out and about tackling unfamiliar roads. You can always rely on your ID.4’s touchscreen display to activate your interactive navigation at the touch of your fingertips. Use two fingers to tilt your 3D map and have the confidence you need to reach your destination safely and efficiently.

3. Heated Seats and Steering Wheel

It’s not always warm when you set out on the road. Sometimes you’re faced with cold weather that can make you feel uncomfortable. But why suffer when you can turn on the heated seats and steering wheel? You can conveniently adjust the settings on your touchscreen display or set it on default when the outside temperature reaches a certain level.

4. Jokes in the House

All you have to do is say “Hello, ID. Tell me a joke.” for make your riding cheerful. You’ll have a nice entertaining piece to enjoy, so you’re always alert and jolly as you drive.

5. Enjoy the Air Outside

If you need to “get some air,”Volkswagen ID.4 SUV suggests you have it when you need it. Just open your windows through the rear button driver’s left door panel, and you’ll be instantly refreshed by the outdoors.

6. Panoramic Roof

Sometimes you need a little or a lot of light to make your driving even more enjoyable. You can do that by commanding your VW ID.4 by saying, “It’s too dark” or “It’s too light” with your voice, and your innovative vehicle will open your panoramic roof for you.

7. It’s All About Your Cup Holders

You can swap and rearrange Cup holders to accommodate your needs and preferences. If you have other things you want to insert other than your cups, you may do so to your liking.

8. Set Your Favorites

Have you ever heard of the phrase, My Car My Way? You can definitely set your favorites using your Discover Pro touchscreen. Just swipe down from the top of your screen and set your most-used features for your convenience. Every time you sit behind the wheel, you have the assurance all your favorite settings are geared up for easy access and use while you’re enjoying the road.

9. Crystal Clear

Driving demands clarity of the views ahead and all-around your vehicle. Good thing you can quickly achieve a clear perspective using your VW ID.4’s camera lens cleaner. Just press and hold the right wiper stalk toward your windshield, and it will instantly wash and wipe the dirt off your back window. It will also clean the lens of your rear camera with a high-powered jet washer.

10. Chiming In

Volkswagen is attentive to interior and exterior details. When you get out of your Volkswagen ID.4 SUV you can hear the Chime sound. It just wants to give you a friendly reminder that you’ve exited the vehicle. You can always change your settings to keep it toned down.

Reserve Your 2022 ID.4

If you love these intelligent features, you need to get ready for the coming of the 2022 ID.4. It’s meant to create more excitement for you on the road and make your driving extra enjoyable and convenient.

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