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Everything You'll Want to Know About Scheduling Maintenance

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The Ultimate Resource for Volkswagen Maintenance Service

Is your car letting you know it's time for maintenance? After all, it's no secret that staying up to date with your vehicle's services is the ultimate means of continuing premium rides in peak condition. From oil changes and wheel alignments to filter changes and transmission service, our technicians are always prepped to cover your auto needs. Plus, all our mechanics are factory-trained by Volkswagen, so they're familiar with virtually everything from the Atlas to the Passat—and much more. Whether it's knowing the right measurements for a fluid change or knowing how to use modern tools to help get repairs done quickly and correctly the first time, our team is ready to help your ride run at its finest. Don't delay your maintenance and risk costly repairs—instead, schedule maintenance today and online at South Motors Volkswagen in Miami, FL.

Do You Need to Worry About Maintenance on Your Car?

The short answer is: Always. Whether you need something basic like a filter change or a battery replacement, or a more in-depth fix like a wheel alignment, your vehicle always needs auto maintenance to keep your cruising power in premium condition—not to mention skipping auto repairs and maintenance is one of the fastest ways to break down on the side of the road in Cutler Bay (or any part of the country for that matter). For example, when you skip oil changes, your motor's parts wear quickly from rubbing against each other with excess friction without lubrication. Similarly, when you ignore maintenance like a brake pad change, your rotors and other parts corrode from brushing against each other.

Also, because you avoid the excess wear and tear, keeping up with your auto maintenance also helps keep your costs low since you're not scheduling as many repairs that result from your parts breaking and corroding at an accelerated rate. So, save your vehicle (and your wallet) by staying on top of your routine maintenance.

How Often Should You Schedule Car Maintenance?

This answer varies heavily depending on the service—options like an oil change usually take place every 3,000-5,000 miles to keep your engine moving at a fluid pace. Meanwhile, a battery change usually occurs every three years to help keep your ignition turning and your electrical work doing its job. Keep in mind your driving habits also play a huge role—if you drive many miles daily, you'll find you'll need services like tire rotations and brake changes more often than if you save your cruising for the weekends. If you're ever curious if your vehicle is due for maintenance, contact our service center, and one of our technicians can let you know if anything requires urgent attention.

Four Common Signs You Need Car Maintenance Now

It's all about listening closely when you're on the road—Do you hear any strange clanging, banging, screeching, or grinding noises? That's one way your vehicle lets you know it's time for maintenance—as far as which service you need varies, sometimes it's your brakes, other times, it's your wheels riding at a strangle angle hinting that you need a wheel alignment. If you hear the sound from your vents, the fix could be a cabin filter change—either way, you won't want to ignore any strange sounds.

Are you noticing you can't drive your vehicle as you intend? Whether you feel your vehicle jerking to one side of the road, sliding when you attempt to brake, or even that you can't drive straight when you point your wheel forward, it's all signs that you need vehicle maintenance. Thankfully, when you let our service center know how your car drives funky, we can typically diagnose your issue in minutes.

This next one seems obvious, but take a look at your indicator lights—when the check engine light illuminates, there's something wrong in your vehicle. Sometimes, it's a simple maintenance fix like a battery change. Other times, the problem could be more severe like your engine misfiring (which will destroy your powertrain if left unchecked). Either way, schedule service the instant you see that dreaded dash light power on.

Finally, check your miles. As we touched upon earlier, services like an oil change require routine stops every 3,000-5,000 miles. Don't worry, our techs will let you know if you need to perform routine maintenance every so-many miles—and oftentimes, we'll even give you a sticker or send you a reminder to take your vehicle back to us when your odometer hits a specific number.

Keeping a Maintenance Schedule: Made Simple and Easy Online

Ready to schedule maintenance service to keep your Volkswagen vehicle in peak condition? Schedule your service online today (from the comfort of your couch) at South Motors Volkswagen near Kendall. As your local Volkswagen dealership, we're here to put your customer service first—feel free to ask any questions or request us to examine a certain part, and we'll help in any way possible.

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