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What Should You Do When You Get a Recall Notice?

South Motors Volkswagen Service Center

Covering Volkswagen Recall Service

Hear about a recall on your vehicle? At South Motors Volkswagen near Kendall, our technicians are ready for virtually any replacements and fixes that need to happen. Plus, these experts are certified and factory-trained from Volkswagen—they understand how your specific model works, where everything fits, how to get the job done right, and in rapid time by using the most modern tools and technologies. While you're here, you're our number one priority, so feel free to ask any questions—whether it's about the process of your repair or of any services and maintenance we recommend for your vehicle, our team is always happy to help. Don't delay your recall repairs—instead, schedule your service at South Motors Volkswagen in Miami today to help restore your drive to the safety and reliability it's known for.

Should You Really Worry about Recalls?

The answer is an easy and definite YES. In short, a recall is when your car manufacturer (in this case, Volkswagen) or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) declares that a part of your vehicle creates a massive safety risk to you or fails to meet minimum safety standards. Thus, you'll want to schedule these repairs ASAP to keep your cruises safe and reliable (if not lifesaving).

Don't worry, when you schedule a recall repair, you have virtually nothing to lose since these repairs are FREE for you. All costs come from the Volkswagen manufacturer—meaning you won't pay a dime out of pocket. So, why not schedule a free service for your car that'll help you travel as safe as possible?

How Do You Know if Your Car Has a Recall?

For this answer, you have two reliable methods. Start by checking your mail daily—by law the manufacturer of an open recall vehicle must send first-class mail to all registered owners. Open the letter, and you'll not only see what's wrong with your car, but you'll also find a statement about how the issue impacts your safety to help you understand why you'll want to make a repair as soon as possible.

If you're worried you missed a letter, you can also search your VIN with the NHTSA website's free checking tool. To make matters even more convenient, this feature only shows you unrepaired open recalls—so, if a previous owner already fixed the issue, you won't see it here, saving you time and peace of mind. However, note that this tool only works for American models newer than 15 years—so you won't find your imported cruisers or classics in this database.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Safety Recalls?

This issue varies heavily from design defects to problems across an entire manufacturer line. Sometimes, it's something like your airbags inflating incorrectly, which presents a risk of this safety feature exploding and injuring you after a collision. Other times, something as simple as a faulty battery can create a flammable hazard, and is often a quick and easy fix. In the past, some brands even experienced issues with loose/missing bolts on the transmission's accumulator endcap, which not only caused leaks but also issues with propulsion and acceleration, presenting safety risks and holding back your performance.

At times, the recall issue impacts your convenience, like when the engine bearings are installed improperly, parts corrode faster, which typically results in many stops at the service center for repairs and replacements. When electrical wiring is the problem, you not only put your safety at risk with a fire hazard in your car, but you can also notice issues with features like your lights or infotainment since the electrical work is faulty. This is only getting started with common recall issues, but the bottom line is that these problems almost always hinder your ride's safety, so don't delay scheduling service when you receive your recall letter.

Where to Schedule a Volkswagen Recall Service in Miami?

The instant you notice your vehicle needs a recall, schedule your service at South Motors Volkswagen today so that our technicians can make any needed repairs and help you get back to cruising with confidence. Don't forget, you're a member of the family when you stop by, so let us know how we can help, and our team members will assist in any way possible, whether it's answering questions, covering recall information, or plenty more.

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