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South Volkswagen Service Center

Servicing the Volkswagens of Miami

One of the most important aspects of owning a vehicle is ensuring that it's properly maintained so that it can continue to provide you with the reliable service and safety that you demand. Here at South Motors Volkswagen, we strive to faithfully provide trustworthy service to Volkswagen drivers all over the Miami, FL area with superior customer service, our state of the art facility, and our highly trained and certified technicians who use Genuine OEM parts. Not stopping at our outstanding Volkswagen service, we also provide outstanding contactless pickup and delivery service, ensuring your Volkwagen gets the care that it needs, while you enjoy the peace of mind that you need. Take a journey with us as we discover some of the many benefits that you receive when you opt for our hassle free pickup and delivery service.

Convenience at its Peak

It's no secret that we live in a new normal, where we're forced to adapt, and take extra steps to ensure our safety and the safety of those around us. Our convenient pickup and delivery services strive to give our customers peace of mind while giving them the option to stay safe at home while their vehicle receives the care that it needs.

Our outstanding pickup and delivery service is easy to take advantage of; simply go on our website, schedule maintenance online, and select our contactless pickup service. Striving to be your trusted pickup and delivery solution, we strive to give you peace of mind not only with our bar-setting maintenance services, but also our sanitation services. Once your vehicle has been serviced, we sanitize its interior so when you receive your vehicle back from our service center, you still have total peace of mind.

Click here to use our online service scheduling tool and see how easy it is to get your vehicle serviced by our VW certified technicians.

Your Services are Already Mapped Out

If you have any questions about when your Volkswagen is due for service, the first thing you can do is consult your owners manual. There, you'll find model specific information that walks you through the various age and mileage milestones your Volkswagen will hit over time and which services it will need. While your own driving conditions will determine exactly when you'll need these services, these services are highly recommended and your owner's manual will serve as your guide as you and your Volkswagen conquer the road together over the years.

Your oil change will be your most frequent service, and the type of oil that your engine uses will determine how often you will need VW service. If your engine is running on conventional oil, your oil will need to be changed approximately every 3,000-5,000 mile. If you're using synthetic blend oil, you should expect to receive oil changes every 5,000-7,500 miles. Synthetic blend is the oil of choice for high mileage engines, thanks to specialized detergents and sealants that address the needs of high mileage engines. Full synthetic oil gives you the most longevity and protection, and is the choice oil for many high performance engines thanks to its superior protection and lubrication abilities. Synthetic oil will only need to be changed approximately every 7,500-12,000 miles (or once per year), however, these figures will depend on your own driving conditions.

Don't Neglect Your VW

Failure to perform regular maintenance on your Volkswagen would mean that your vehicle's reliability, performance, safety, and integrity would begin to eventually diminish until your engine self-destructs. While this may sound drastic, it is exactly what happens if your vehicle is continually used and its maintenance is neglected. This not only becomes a matter of potentially costly repairs, but also becomes a matter of safety. If you were to drive with excessively worn brake pads that have gone beyond their safe range of use, your vehicle's stopping power could be compromised, which could be catastrophic in the event of an emergency. The same goes for your engine; running your engine with no oil, or old oil causes friction and heat to build within your motor. Soon enough, damage begins to occur around your pistons and head gasket, which would result in costly repairs or total engine replacement.

Ensuring that your Volkswagen receives proper maintenance is key, and now it's even easier thanks to our convenient pick up and delivery service.

Take Advantage Today

At South Motors Volkswagen we strive to provide you incredible service for all Volkswagen vehicles, featuring a state of the art service and repair facility staffed with factory certified technicians. Making service even more convenient and hassle free in these trying times, we invite you to use our contactless pickup and deliver courier service in Miami and discover how easy it is to get all of your maintenance services.

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