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Oil Change FAQs

Keep Your Vehicle Running with Regular Oil Changes

At South Motors Volkswagen, our service department provides a full collection of auto care. From oil changes and tire rotations to transmission rebuilds and brake service. Regular Volkswagen oil change service can keep your VW running as it should.

When should I change my vehicle's oil?

Vehicles with gas-powered engines need regular oil changes. Most VW models need oil changes based on mileage or time. The manufacturer's recommendation will be in the owner's manual.

Most VW models have computers that track oil usage and can display the remaining oil-life percentage. If your vehicle tells you to change your oil, it is a good idea not to wait.

Depending on your vehicle, you might need oil changes every 3,000 miles, while others need changes every 7,000. Manufacturers often recommend oil changes and oil filter changes each season, so a minimum of one every three months.

If you drive your VW in an excessive amount of stop-and-go traffic or you regularly use your VW to tow, then you might want to consider more frequent oil changes.

How often should I check my vehicle's oil?

Between oil changes, manufacturers recommend checking your oil at least once per month. If you notice a leak, bring your vehicle into the dealership right away. When you check your oil, look at the color. If it isn't brown or black, bring your vehicle into the dealership.

What kind of oil does my vehicle need?

Your owner's manual will tell you what type of oil you need. Synthetic oil can withstand extreme temperatures, so it protects your engine better than standard oil. To fully lubricate the engine, the oil needs to warm up. Conventional oil doesn't warm as quickly as synthetic oil.

Because of the special formulations, synthetic oil usually costs more than standard oil. However, a synthetic blend provides better protection, helping to extend the life of your motor. Manufacturers recommend using synthetic oil if you live in an area with cold winters and hot summers.

Can I skip an oil change?

The short answer is no. When you skip an oil change, you put too much pressure on your engine. Without proper lubrication, you run the risk of damaging your engine from too much friction. Skipping an oil change can result in the need for expensive repairs in the future.

Where should I change my oil?

When you need Volkswagen maintenance, the certified technicians at South Motors Volkswagen understand the nuances of German engineering. They know which models need full synthetic oil or another oil type.

Taking your VW to the service center at South Motor Volkswagen guarantees that your VW has OEM parts designed especially for your Volkswagen model.

To make your VW full service oil change more convenient, we offer online scheduling. If you need service today, give us a call.