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3 Tips For Volkswagen Oil Change Service

Why It’s Important To Have Oil Changes Completed As Recommended

South Motors Volkswagen: Enhancing Your Oil Change Service

When you need an oil change, South Motors Volkswagen is here to assist every step of the way. Plus, we only let factory-trained professionals touch your ride to help ensure the job is done right on the first try since these pros know the exact amount of oil and fluids your specific make and model requires. Our experts also understand what types of oil work best for your ride, whether you’re traveling in a Passat that’s nearing the 100K mile-mark or you’re ready to unleash track-worthy performance in your Golf GTI. Plus, when you stop by our service center, your needs always rank first—ask us any questions or let us know what you need, and we’ll work our hardest to serve you. Get started today by scheduling your oil change online at South Motors Volkswagen to help keep your vehicle running as smooth as the day you drove it off the lot.

So Many Oil Choices: Which is Right for Your Vehicle?

Are you looking to maximize your performance from your Volkswagen? Then synthetic oil awaits your car since this motor fluid packs high viscosity levels, which allows for more lubrication, better resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdowns, and even flushes out your contaminants at a higher rate when compared to other oils. If that’s not enough, synthetic oil is also made from optimal chemical compounds to help keep your engine as clean as possible while also allowing for smooth drives in ultra-hot temperatures.

For helping your budget, conventional motor oil is ready to enhance your drives. Along with costing less, conventional oil is a light-duty fluid which works for the vehicle you use for light commutes or running errands around nearby places like Kendall or Cutler Bay—after all, you won’t always need to rush down your local streets with track-tiered performance for your trips to the grocery store, which is where this fluid comes in handy.

Getting close to that 100,000-mile mark on your odometer? Even if you’re close to 70,000 we recommend our high mileage oil, which protects your motor’s seals to lower your leakage and burn off, helping you notice boosted efficiency and smoothness on the road when you cruise. In fact, with high mileage oil powering your car, you’ll ride with extra assistance to offset many of the rough drives and symptoms that come with an aged vehicle.

Not sure which oil is right for you or your vehicle? Not an issue—let one of our team members know how you want to drive, and we’ll offer our advice to optimize your cruises.

Why Should You Change Your Oil?

An oil change is one of the most critical forms of auto maintenance since the fluid moves through your motor and cleans, cools, and lubricates the intricate parts inside, which not only reduces wear but also prolongs the life of your motor by reducing the friction when the various pieces rub against each other. Also, oil change service helps your gas mileage since your engine runs smoothly—meaning you’ll need less work (and less fuel) to get you up and moving.

Keep in mind that for our experts to change your fluid, they get a close look at your motor, which gives them a chance to notice if anything is off or if they spot any red flags, like torn belts, leaks, clanky sounds, or anything else that leads to expensive damage. So, schedule an oil change, and we’ll let you know if we spot anything under your hood that needs urgent attention.

Can You Skip an Oil Change?

Skipping an oil change service is not recommended since a dry motor leads to a slippery slope of potential issues from your parts causing excess friction from a lack of lubrication. In a best-case scenario, your rides become less efficient. However, it’s also not uncommon for your engine and its parts to stop working from neglecting a fluid change, which leads to ultra-expensive replacements and fixes—not to mention you’re not guaranteed to break down in a convenient spot. So, to help you keep your auto repairs affordable and to a minimum, schedule your routine oil change today.

When Should You Schedule an Oil Change?

As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to schedule an oil change every 3,000 miles. However, even if you don’t drive much, you’ll still want fresh oil removing debris from your motor and keeping everything fluid—so, at the very least, schedule an oil change at least twice a year.

Where to Find a Quality Oil Change in Miami?

When your vehicle needs an oil and filter change, schedule service at South Motors Volkswagen in Miami to help your engine continue running smoothly. Even if you don’t drive a Volkswagen, our experts will still work their hardest to perform a fluid change service and provide their professional advice on what to do next. For any questions or concerns, we’re also here for you—let us know how we can help, and we’ll point you in the right direction.