3 Tips for Volkswagen Oil Change Service

Why it's Important to Have Oil Changes Completed as Recommended

Three Reasons Why Routine VW Oil Change Service is Crucial

Today's Volkswagen engine is a precision-engineered modern marvel. Whether you have a potent 3.6-liter V6 or peppy 2.0-liter TSI under the hood, your VW is built with high-quality moving parts that work seamlessly in unison to create power and torque to your front or all-wheel drive system.

However, without proper lubrication and frequent engine oil and filter changes, fuel economy will drop, moving parts can wear prematurely, and your reliable VW could overheat. There are several reasons why an experienced Volkswagen service center, such as the one at South Motors Volkswagen, should be on top of your list to have VW service like oil changes completed.

Let's review three major reasons you should always have your VW's engine oil and filter changed as recommended by the manufacturer, without delay. Plus, we'll explain why it's a smart idea to have your VW service completed by a Volkswagen dealership as opposed to the generic quick lube oil change shop.

Keeps Your Engine Operating at Peak Efficiency

Volkswagen engines are designed to provide optimal horsepower and torque. It is accomplished by designing cylinder head components, pistons, and other moving parts with strict tolerances. This means those moving parts require a special formulated synthetic oil with the right viscosity to maintain a desired operating temperature - especially during extreme driving conditions.

As your car adds up miles, engine oil thins and becomes dirty due to carbon deposits produced by burning fuel. Having the engine oil and filter replaced as recommended by VW keeps the engine happy and running at peak efficiency. This proactive measure can also help to improve fuel economy and reduce potential overheating situations.

Oil Change Service at South Motors Volkswagen

Maintains Your Powertrain Factory Warranty

One of the biggest reasons why Volkswagen is a global leader in automotive sales is the exceptional powertrain warranty. The four-year or 50,000-mile new vehicle limited warranty covers your high-performance VW engine. However, for this warranty to be honored, you need to follow VW's guidelines on routine services - such as oil and filter changes.

When you have the VW service experts at South Motors Volkswagen complete your oil and filter changes, your vehicle service records are instantly updated. It stores this important data - providing a digital paper trail of important vehicle service records that verifies you followed manufactures oil change guidelines. Doing so can save you thousands of dollars in the unlikely event of a mechanical engine failure.

Ensuring You Receive the Correct Oil for Your VW

Whether you have the 3.6-liter V6 or turbocharged 2-liter TSI, VW engines require synthetic oil that complies with VW 502 00 or VW 507 00 standards. These synthetic oils are specially formulated for VW engines. When you take your Volkswagen to a local oil quick lube facility, you'll likely be charged a premium price, assuming they have the correct oil in the first place.

By having the oil changed at the correct mileage interval, and at a VW auto repair dealership, you'll be certain to receive the exact synthetic oil for your specific VW - without the premium price.

Schedule Your Next Volkswagen Oil Change Service at South Motors Volkswagen

Scheduling oil change service at South Motors Volkswagen is a snap. You can schedule the appointment directly from our website, pick a time from early AM to late afternoon, and seven days per week based on your busy schedule. Plus, a VW service center only uses OEM replacement parts such as synthetic oils and filters that comply with VW standards.

If your Volkswagen Jetta, Tiguan, Golf, or other model is due for an oil change - don't delay, set up your oil change service with the trusted VW experts at South Motors Volkswagen today.

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