Front view of a blue ID.4 in motion

Volkswagen ID.4 Awards and Accolades

Awards and Accolades for the Volkswagen ID.4

In 2021, Volkswagen introduced the ID.4. This first fully electric vehicle offers 201 horsepower and a 250-mile range. The affordable SUV looks great on the inside and outside. It has clean lines and a minimalistic interior with plenty of spacious comfort. Best of all, the ID.4 comes with several popular features.

To learn more about the ID.4, we invite you to stop into South Motors Volkswagen. Our sales staff can explain the features and how to quickly charge the EV. They can also share more information about the awards and accolades this unique vehicle received.

2021 World Car of the Year

While the Volkswagen ID.4 earned several awards and accolades, the most notable award is the 2021 World Car of the Year. To win this award, the vehicle needed a majority of votes from 93 automotive journalists from 28 countries.

Since 2009, five Volkswagens have earned the World Car of the Year award, and the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 defeated the Toyota Yaris and the World Urban Car winner - the Honda e. The award showcases the VW work in the EV category. Other vehicles that won a World Car award included the Porsche 911 Turbo (which won the World Performance Car) and Mercedes-Benz S-Class, but the VW ID.4 won the top award. The Land Rover Defender won the World Car Design of the Year award.

Reviewing the Innovative EV

Reputable automotive journalists and websites reported how much they enjoyed driving the ID.4. For example, Autotrader shared that the ID.4 has a smooth ride with a peppy electric drivetrain. They also liked the high-tech interior.

Other drivers explain how they liked the warmth of the ID.4’s interior, especially when compared to the Tesla Model Y, which drivers describe as being cold.

Part of the joy of driving the VW ID.4 is passing the pump and getting an EPA-estimated 250 miles out of a fully-charged battery pack. Other electric vehicles, like the Tesla models, have a single pedal driving method. But, the ID.4 has an accelerator and a brake pedal, to create a traditional driving experience in a non-traditional vehicle. When drivers put their foot on the brake pedal, the rear-wheel drive decelerates the vehicle and turns the kinetic energy into electric energy - which is one of the reasons why the ID.4 won the World Car of the Year honors.

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