Leaser Excess Wear Protection

Auto insurance pays for certain types of damage to your vehicle. However, it does not pay for excess wear on your leased vehicle.

Volkswagen Credit Lease Excess Wear Protection provides peace of mind with excess wear coverage up to $10,000

Over the term of your lease, your VW will experience normal wear as a result of everyday usage. While some normal wear is expected, excess wear may also occur and can result in additional charges, you were not expecting to at the end of your lease term.

Volkswagen credit lease excess wear protection is attached to your lease contract and relieves you of the financial responsibility for uup to $10,000 of excess wear charges as specified and defined in your lease. Volkswagen Credit Lease Excess Protection is the only protection of it kind that is backed by Volkswagen Credit.

Open term coverage

You can turn in your vehicle at any time prior to or within 180 days after the original scheduled lease termination date and receive benefits.

Available only at time of lease on vehicle that have:

• A maximum MSRP of $200,000

• A maximum lease term of 60 months

• less than $10,000 odometer miles at lease inception.

Volkswagen Credit Lease Excess wear protection can help gaurd you against costs assoicated with:

• Dents

• Scatches & chipped paint

• Chipped glass

• Interior stains

• Tires

• Lenses for headlights & taillights

• Wheels & wheel covers

• Stones bruises, snd damage & pits