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Since 1956, South Motors has been providing the top local Volkswagen dealer in South Florida. As one of the first minority-owned Volkswagen dealerships, we’ve been proud to work with the diverse population in the Miami area.

As a full-service Volkswagen dealership, our goal is to offer outstanding customer service, honesty, and respect, including a simple car-buying experience. Part of that experience includes our South Motors Volkswagen finance center where we offer Volkswagen Credit and other options for purchasing or leasing a new or used vehicle.

Financing Opportunities

New and used vehicle prices continue to rise, which makes it more difficult for buyers to pay in full with a lump sum of cash. Instead, buyers usually choose to get an auto loan or lease with affordable monthly payments.

The most popular route for buying a new or used Volkswagen is a conventional auto loan. We offer several rates and terms to meet your budgetary needs. With a trade or a down payment, our finance experts can arrange manageable monthly payments so you can drive your new Volkswagen off the lot.

When you choose a conventional auto loan, you do not have to worry about mileage limits or returning the vehicle in like-new condition. You can customize your Volkswagen and take it on as many road trips as you want.

Auto financing is an investment. As you make your monthly payments, you work toward becoming the outright owner of your new Volkswagen vehicle.

Leasing Your Volkswagen

If you prefer to have a new vehicle every two or three years, then leasing a new, unused Volkswagen might be for you. Leasing is one way you can finance a Volkswagen in Miami.

When you lease a Volkswagen, you pay a security deposit, then low monthly payments for a set term. Volkswagen of America regularly offers lease specials for two or three terms on certain models. After your term is completed, you return the vehicle and lease another one.

When you lease a new Volkswagen, you get the benefit of the Volkswagen warranty, so repairs are covered. Leases include mileage limits. If you exceed them, you can anticipate paying a per-mile fee.

Monthly lease payments are usually lower than monthly payments for conventional auto loans. This is because the leased amount is less than the amount conventional loans cover. To learn more about leasing a Volkswagen and specials for highly qualified customers, contact our financing experts at South Motors.

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How to Finance

When you are ready to finance your Volkswagen, visit our financing experts at South Motors. They can help you complete the financing application and look for affordable rates and terms that meet your needs.

If you are trading in a vehicle, our expert staff will appraise your vehicle to help you reach the bottom line. Our financing experts can work with Volkswagen Finance or we can work with a local financial institution of your choice.

Alternatives for Financing

Our financing department understands that some buyers need help with credit assistance and bankruptcy approval programs. Buyers with unique financial situations can trust that our finance department will do everything in its power to find a way to get them into a vehicle that meets their needs. Just because a driver has a sub-par credit score doesn’t mean they can’t afford a high-quality, reliable vehicle. Our experienced finance team wants to help drivers build their credit and get behind the wheel of a car they trust.

Visit Us For More Information

We invite you to visit us at South Motors Volkswagen to see the latest lineup of high-tech, stylish, and sporty Volkswagens. If you prefer to buy a used or certified pre-owned model, we have a constantly changing inventory on our lot. When you see something you like, our financing experts will work with you to find the rate and term that meets your budget. Don’t forget to ask us about our Volkswagen specials for big savings on your next vehicle purchase.

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