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Where To Get Your Coolant System Flushed in Miami, FL?

South Motors Volkswagen Service Center

Servicing Your Coolant System

Your engine relies on its coolant to prevent it from overheating and essentially self destructing. As summer rolls around and temperatures blaze, it's vital that your coolant levels are not only at the right level so your Volkswagen has the proper cooling abilities, but ensuring that your vehicle has fresh coolant is equally important to ensure it can operate at optimal temperatures. Here at South Volkswagen, we perform quality coolant flush services, draining and replacing your old coolant with Genuine Volkswagen coolant. Providing trustworthy maintenance and repair services, we feature technicians who are fully capable of providing service and repair to your entire cooling system, so even when outside temperatures rise, you’ll have total peace of mind.

Let’s Talk About Coolant Service!

Your vehicle uses coolant/antifreeze to keep its engine from overheating in hot climates, and freezing over in cold climates. Using a glycol based fluid that is mixed with some distilled water, this fluid is known as coolant or antifreeze. This fluid circulates through your engine, pulling out heat, and flowing through your radiator where it is cooled before being recirculated through your engine.

Over time, your coolant levels may drop, or your coolant may lose its cooling or anti-freeze abilities. Ensuring that you receive timely coolant flush services ensures that you’ll be less likely to experience overheating and breakdowns. Coolant flush services also prevent your vehicle from overheating by ensuring that your coolant is fresh and filled to the proper capacity. In South Florida, these services are vital due to the high temperatures that we experience throughout the year and the humidity, which often hinders cooling abilities. Because of these two factors, fresh engine coolant is vital to ensuring that your vehicle is able to properly cool itself.

How Often Should I Replace My Coolant?

It is generally recommended to flush the system every five years, or 30,000 miles, whichever comes first. However, you should check your owners manual for the recommended intervals for your exact vehicle.

Regular coolant flush services not only help your engine operate at optimal temperatures, but also helps your entire cooling system operate normally. Your coolant also contains lubricants that helps prevent your hoses from cracking, and helps your water pump perform optimally.

Can I Just Use Water?

NO! While water is an ingredient in your engine coolant, it is very important that you do not add water (especially tap water) to your cooling system. Water has a boiling point of 212º, which means that it no longer has the ability to cool your engine. A 50/50 mix of antifreeze and distilled water has an average boiling point of around 256-260º after taking cooling system pressure into account.

Tap water, bottled water, and even filtered water contains minerals that leave deposits in your engine. Over time these minerals can cause corrosion and damage or reduce the efficacy of your cooling system.

If you need a coolant flush service, or if your reservoir is low, bring your Volkswagen to our service center here at South Volkswagen and let our experts take care of it for you.

How Do I Know if Something is Wrong?

If it's been a while since you’ve last had a coolant flush service, you may notice that your temperature gauge is higher than normal or inching close to the red mark on your temperature gauge.

If your vehicle is overheating, you may notice steam coming from under the hood as you drive, or you may even notice coolant leaking from your cooling system along with warning lights on your dashboard notifying you of the situations. These are all tell tale signs that your engine is overheating and that it's time for a cooling system service.

Trust South Motors Volkswagen

At South Motors Volkswagen, we staff our service bay with highly trained technicians who are all qualified to service and repair your vehicle. Whether you come to us for coolant service, or repairs, trust our technicians to handle all of your VW service. Water pumps, drain plugs, and worn hoses are all causes for your vehicle to overheat. Whether your vehicle needs a simple coolant flush, or cooling system repairs, trust our technicians here at South Motors Volkswagen to keep your vehicle performing the way it did when you first drove it off the lot.

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