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Where To Get Brake Service & Repairs in Miami, FL?

South Volkswagen Service Center

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Brake Inspection Special

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Squeaky brakes? Stop by today for a FREE brake inspection. If any repairs or replacements are needed, save 10% off your brake service (per axle).

Includes: Pads or linings replacement. Check calipers, hoses, and hardware. Inspect master cylinder. Replenish brake fluid. Examine tire for irregular wear. Expires 6/30/2023..

Schedule Some “Brake” Time in Miami, FL

Looking to add some extra stopping power to your drive? Whether your brakes feel faulty or you want to ensure they can help you slow down on a dime, schedule brake service to assist in keeping your rides as safe and performance-driven as possible. Plus, when you work with us, only factory-trained and certified technicians from Volkswagen touch your car, ensuring our mechanics know the difference between the needs of a Jetta and a Golf GTI, along with understanding how to use modern tools to efficiently change out your rotors, pads, other vehicle components. Get started today by scheduling your brake service at South Motors Volkswagen in Miami, FL.

Understanding Your Brakes: What's Inside?

To help you come to a complete stop, your brake divides into three major parts that typically need maintenance to keep your slowing power on point. Your pads do just as their name implies—provide padding to your calipers, discs, and rotors to help reduce wear and tear. However, over time, your pads corrode with the other parts of your vehicle—and as your pads wear, your brake parts chip off and gradually break apart at a faster rate. Thankfully, we can replace your brake pads in minutes when you schedule service.

Assisting your vehicle in fully halting, your rotors are disc-shaped components that grab your spinning wheel to help you fully stop. Your brake calipers also perform a similar job, holding your rotors and pistons in place while also creating friction on your moving wheel to help you slow down when your foot hits your brake pedal. Like your pads, both parts wear over time, which weakens your stopping power—and that can lead to dangerous situations when you pull up to busy intersections or need to avoid a potential fender bender ahead. Again, the fix is easy—schedule service, and our certified technicians will replace all three of these major brake parts to help restore your stopping capability.

How Do You Know If You Need Brake Service?

Aside from sliding when you attempt to stop, the most obvious sign of faulty brakes is an obnoxious screeching noise when you tap your pedal. Specifically, this issue usually signifies problems with your pads since your metal is rubbing upon medal to craft this ear-grating symphony.

Does your brake pedal feel strange when you try to stop? Then you'll likely need to schedule service. The cause is often your warped rotors, which create a vibrating feeling when they rub together. However, when your general brakes have faults, you'll notice your pedal slides without much resistance, and sometimes remains low to the floor when you raise your foot. Thankfully, the solution to both these issues is often as simple as a brake replacement.

Do You Need to Replace Your Rotors Routinely?

Typically, you'll want to replace your brake rotors every 70,000 miles since this is when most drivers notice issues. You'll know for sure you're due for service when you feel excess sliding when you try to stop on a dry and well-paved road—and you'll know your rotors are to blame when you take a physical look at notice worn grooves along the outside—which will limit how well you can slow your tires from spinning.

When you replace your rotors, you'll want to change them two at a time in a set (front or rear) since both pairs will wear at different rates. Usually, you'll notice your front brakes doing most work since your car leans forward and lands on your front wheel when you stop—so there's nothing uncommon about replacing your front rotors more often.

Cleaning Out Your Systems: Why You'll Want a Brake Flush

Simply put, a brake flush is when our technicians replace all your vehicle's current brake fluid with fresh and clean liquids. As a result, you'll cleanse your braking system of the fragments that wear off your rotors and calipers, which can help you feel a smoother and more efficient drive. Also, this process assists you in feeling more responsive braking power since the metals from your system's components can adversely change your chemical compositions in your fluids, hindering your stopping abilities.

How to Take Care of Your Brake Service Needs in Miami, FL

Ready to restore your slowing and stopping capability to help you boost your performance and safety? Then schedule brake repair service online at South Motors Volkswagen today. We also place your auto repair needs first—so feel free to let us know any of your concerns or questions, and our team will be happy to help—after all, you're not just a customer, as we view you as a neighbor and a member of our family.

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