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Where Can You Get Your AC Repaired In Miami, FL?

South Volkswagen Service Center

State-of-the-Art AC Service

When you live in South Florida, having functioning air conditioning is a way of life. Between our tropical temperatures and high humidity, working air conditioning is essential to ensuring that you enjoy your journey from point A to point B, as nothing is worse than turning on your air conditioning in the dead of summer and having hot air blow in your face. Ensuring that your air conditioning system is properly maintained ensures that you not only enjoy reliable air conditioning all year, but a properly maintained AC system also helps your engine perform optimally. For all of your AC service needs, trust the experts here at our Volkswagen service center to keep your Volkswagen in perfect working order.

Why Should I Get AC Service?

Your air conditioning system is charged with taking hot air from outside, removing the humidity and heat, and cooling the inside of your vehicle, so it's cool and comfortable. Ensuring that you keep your air conditioning system properly maintained not only ensures that you enjoy reliable climate control in your Volkswagen, but also prevents costly repairs to your cooling system in the future. A cooling system that runs without freon, the vital cooling agent that removes hot air before blowing it into your car, puts added stress on the compressor because of the lack of lubrication. Since your compressor is the most vital and most expensive component of your cooling system, it's important to always ensure that your cooling system is healthy to minimize the risk of premature failure.

Ensuring that your air conditioning system is properly maintained not only helps promote longevity, but also helps your vehicle achieve optimum fuel efficiency, because your engine will not have to work so hard to cool the cabin.

AC service may not seem as important as other services, but it is vital to prevent costly repairs in the future. Here at South Motors Volkswagen, we provide trustworthy preventative maintenance services that not only keep your Volkswagen in great health, but also prevent costly AC repairs in the future.

When Do I Service My AC System?

There is no set timeframe for when you should get air conditioning services; as the time period will depend on your own usage, and driving conditions. However, it is generally recommended that your system be professionally serviced every two years. Furthermore, your system should be inspected for leaks and properly refrigerant levels at least once per year. Having this minor service done can prevent unfortunate surprises when temperatures rise and you need your air conditioning the most.

You can also ensure that your air conditioning system is properly functioning by running your A/C at least once per week. Not only does this ensure that your system is still functioning properly, but it also helps circulate the proper gas, ensures your system is properly pressurized, and lubricates your system to promote longevity.

On average, your vehicle will only need refrigerant added during an AC service about once every seven years. However, your individual vehicle's needs may vary based on your own use and environment.

Why Does it Fail?

You'll know that something is wrong with your air conditioner when you have it on its coolest setting, and it seems like the cabin of your vehicle won't cool down. You'll also notice that something may be wrong with your system if your system is making strange noises when you turn it on.

Air conditioning system failures can often be attributed to a lack of maintenance or a lack of use, but is sometimes the result of a defective component. If your AC system were to fail or have any issues, you can bring your Volkswagen to our service center and have our experts take a look for you.

We're Waiting for You at South Motors Volkswagen

If you live in the Miami, FL area, you know that air conditioning is vital to a comfortable journey, especially in the summer. Here at South Motors Volkswagen, our service center features state of the art equipment and factory trained technicians. Ensuring that each service and repair comes with peace of mind we use Genuine OEM parts on every VW service, and we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our services.

Striving to make scheduling service easy and convenient, we offer easy online service scheduling thanks to our online tool. Come into South Motors Volkswagen today and experience top notch AC service and repairs today.

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